NUJ (I) for resolving the problems of the mediapersons(Detail Page)

NUJ (I) for resolving the problems of the mediapersons

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National Executive Meeting of NUJ (I) in Ujjain National Executive Meeting of National Union of Journalists (India) was organised at Hotel Mittal Avenue of Ujjain from July 30 to 31. The two-day meeting, perfectly hosted by Journalist Union of Madhya Pradesh (JUMP), was presided over by NUJ (I) national president Shri Pragyanand Chaudhary. A total of 150 representatives including NUI (I) office bearers, Executive Committee members, special invitees and presidents and secretary generals of various state units attended the meeting. In the beginning of the inaugural session, a two-minute silence was observed to pay tribute to senior assistant editor of Hindustan and treasurer of Delhi Journalists Association Pradip Sangam who passed away in June and also the other journalists passed away recently. Speaking at the inaugural session, chief guest and Vice Chancellor of Vikram University Prof TR Thapak said the Malawa region has been a leader in the field of Hindi journalism for long. The region has produced great Hindi journalists and scholars like Pt Suryanarayan Vyas, Rajendra Mathur and Prabhash Joshi who helped Hindi journalism touching new heights. Described the freedom of speech as foundation of the democracy, Prof. Thapak said the NUJ (I) has been making concrete efforts for uplift and training of the journalists. He applauded the efforts made by the NUJ (I) for resolving the problems of the mediapersons. He said with the spread of education the reach of media too is constantly spreading. Though, the media has been playing a key role in development of the country, in present circumstances the responsibility of the media and challenges before it have increased manifold. He emphasised that the media must preserve its credibility while discharging its duties. The journalists’ organistaions like the NUJ (I) have the enormous responsibility to preserve the credibility. National president of NUJ (I) Shri Prajnanand Chaudhari said with increasing impact of the media, the responsibility of journalist organisations and also the journalists has increased. He said the NUJ (I) leaders and members have played an important role in protecting credibility of the media. Apart from fighting for the cause of mediapersons, the NUJ (I) has been in favour of healthy journalism. NUJ (I) secretary general Shri Ras Bihari expressed concern over the growing attacks on mediapersons in different parts of the country. He said the NUJ (I) launched a countrywide agitation against the violent attacks on journalists in Mumbai and Chhattisgarh. He said the Executive Meeting would discuss in detail the enactment of a journalist protection Act. He pointed out that the demand has already been placed before the government though a memorandum presented to President of India Smt Pratibha Pattil on June 25. He said the NUJ (I) enjoys good reputation among the media organisations because of its democratic traditions. There are regular elections after every two years in the organisations. He said it is because of the democratic values that the tradition of joint leadership prevails in the organisation. He said all the decisions are taken jointly and after due consultation with the concerned people. Welcoming the delegates, president of JUMP Shri Suresh Sharma, said the state unit has been playing a key role in uniting the journalists in the state. He said the NUJ (I) has taken many good and admirable initiatives for the welfare of journalists. He said with the growth of newspapers the number of degree holders in journalism too increased, but the lack of practical experience causes many problems to them when they actually start working in the field. The NUJ (I) has a good number of experienced journalists who are easily available for the newcomers, he said. Vice president of the NUJ (I) Shri Rambhuvan Singh Kushwah also thanked all the delegates. Prior to it, Prof. Thapak, NUJ (I) president Shri Pragyanand Chaudhary, secretary general Shri Ras Bihari, vice president Shri Rambhuvan Singh Kushvah and state president of JUMP Shri Suresh Sharma lighted the traditional lamp before the picture of goddess Saraswati and formally inaugurate the National Executive Meeting. Many senior leaders of NUJ (I) Dr Nand Kishore Trikha, Shri Rajendra Prabhu, Shri MD Gangwar, NUJ (I) treasurer Shri Manohar Singh, vice president Shri Prasanna Mohanty, Shri Jitendra Awasthi, NUJ (I) secretary Shri Sanjay Rathi, Shri Yugandhar Reddy, Shri Rajesh Toshniwal, Shri Brahmdutt Sharma and many other journalists were also present on the occasion. Shri U Lakshman was honoured at the inaugural session for being nominated to the Press Council of India. A souvenir, Udaan, published by Journalist Union of Madhya Pradesh was also released at the inaugural session by Prof. TR Thapak and NUJ (I) leaders. The souvenir has been prepared by Dr Navin Joshi, Shri Atul Purohit, Shri Pawan Devalia, Shri Mahendra Dube and Shri Champalal Gurjar. NUI (I) secretary general Shri Ras Bihari presented details of the Vijaywada National Executive meeting at the first business session, which was passed by all the delegates. Then the secretary general report was presented. In the first session, the activity reports of state units were also presented. Shri Mohan Yadav, secretary general of Journalist Association of Andhra Pradesh (JAAP), informed the delegates that a target to enhance the number of the members to 5000 has been fixed and a membership drive is on in all the districts of the state. Shri Lalit Sharma, president of Journalist Association of Rajasthan (JAR) said the number of the union members was increasing. He pointed out that the Government of Rajasthan has granted the facility of travelling in all State Road Transport Corporation buses to journalists. Apart from it the state government has decided to provide reservation to journalists in the state housing board. The journalists who are sick or injured in any accident are also provided financial relief from the Chief Minister Relief Fund. Secretary general of NUJ (I) Uttarakhand Shri Ravindranath Kaushik informed that the number of members increased to 500 and many steps were being taken in different districts for the welfare of journalists. He said demonstrations were organised at district headquarters and the state capital on June 25 following the call of the NUJ (I). A memorandum was also presented to Governor seeking protection to journalists. Shri Kailash Chand Naik, secretary general of Odisha Union of Journalist (OUJ) informed that the number of the members increased to 1700. He said the Union office is being renovated for providing better facilities to the journalists. He said during the countrywide protest on June 25, massive demonstrations were organised at different places. Some other activities are also being conducted to expand the organisational work. Shri Asim Kumar Mitra, president of West Bengal Union of Journalists (WBUJ) said the number of union members increased to 800 and the state unit takes all possible steps to ensure protection to journalists. He said the journalists actively participate in all activities of the NUJ (I). Secretary general of Delhi Journalists Association (DJA) Shri Anil Pandey informed that the number of the members increased to 2000. He said on the call of the NUJ (I), a massive demonstration was staged at Jantar Mantar on June 25 to register strong protest against the attacks on journalists and also to seek security for mediapersons. Hundreds of senior journalists participated in the demonstration. A memorandum was also presented to President of India Smt Pratibha Patil urging her to enact a law for the protection of the journalists. He pointed out that a Basic Life Support training camp was organised for journalists to provide them practical training of emergency medical care. This camp was organised in association with Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, and Health Minister of Delhi Dr Ashok Kumar Walia inaugurated it. He also informed the gathering about a health insurance scheme to be implemented in Delhi shortly for the journalists. Shri Sanjay Rathi, president of Haryana Union of Journalist (HUJ) informed that the number of members crossed 1200. He said the HUJ takes all possible steps for the welfare of journalists. There is an insurance scheme also for the member journalists. Shri Hemant Bhatt, vice president of Gujarat Union of Journalists (GUJ) said demonstrations were organised in the state at different places on June 25 to protest against the attacks on mediapersons. He said there are planning to expand the organisation wrok in different parts of the state. Shri Ashok Malik, president of Chandigarh Journalists Association (CUJ) said the unit has active participation in all the activities of NUJ (I). He said many agitational activities are conducted for security and facilities for journalists. He said the number of members is also increasing. Shri Ratan Dixit, president of Uttar Pradesh Journalist Association (UPJA) said the number of the members is increasing. He said demonstrations were organised at different district headquarters to protest against the attacks on journalists. Shri Gagan Pande, secretary of NUJ (I) Bihar, said the state has been divided into four parts to increase the members in the state unit. Many activities have been conducted in different districts. Shri Shiv Kumar Agrawal, secretary general of Journalists Union of Jharkhand (JUJ) said the number of the members has increased to 1000. Many demonstrations were organised for different demands of the journalists. A demonstration was organised on May 1 and a memorandum was also presented to the authorities concerned. He said despite the spread of naxalite activities, the organisational work is expanding all over the state. In his report secretary of Himachal Pradesh Union of Journalists enumerated different activities conducted in the state. The responsibility of conducted elections in Punjab has been entrusted to NUJ (I) vice president Shri Jitendra Awasthi, Shri Harish Vashishtha and Shri Avatar Singh. The responsibility of Jammu & Kashmir unit has also been entrusted to Shri Avatar Singh. Shri Ashok Malik and Shri Harish Vashishtha of CJA informed the delegates in the beginning of the second session about the role of the NUJ (I) in the fight against retrenchment of some employees of The Tribune Group of Newspapers. The meeting discussed in details the reactivation of NUI (I) School of Journalism & Mass Communication. Senior journalist Shri Vijay Kranti, who is Principal of the School, was authorised to select other office bearers and constitute the Governing Council of the School. The senior members of the Union gave some suggestions for smooth functioning of the School. Some of the members expressed concern over the non-activation of the NUJ (I) website. The secretary general Shri Ras Bihari assured the members to launch a new website shortly. He said creating a website is an easy task, but maintaining it regularly with vital information is surely not an easy task. He said he has already started efforts to collect important information and some old articles for the website. In the third session, former president of NUJ (I) Shri Rajendra Prabhu gave detailed presentation about the problems to be faced after the Wage Board Recommendations. The meeting also discussed in detail to ensure that the Wage Board recommendations are implemented by maximum newspaper groups. Shri Vijay Kranti moved a resolution demanding enactment of a law for protection of the journalists. All the resolutions were passed unanimously. Shri Shiv Kumar, secretary general of Jharkhand Union of Journalist proposed to host the National Council meeting in Ranchi. The proposal was accepted happily. Public Relations & Culture Minister of Madhya Pradesh Laxmikant Sharma stressed the need to expand the network of journalist organisations up to tehsil level to ensure that maximum number of journalists are benefited. He said it is necessary for training point of view also. He said there is no journalist organisation unit even in some districts. There are so many journalists at tehsil level who are involved in news gathering but there is no arrangement for their welfare as well as training. He emphasised that the journalist organisations should impart training to the new journalists. Shri Sharma was speaking at concluding session of the two-day National Executive meeting of NUJ (I) here on July 31. He said presently there are cordial relations between the state government and the press. “We have good coordination but we want the press should follow its duty and should not hesitate to point out our mistakes, if they come across any mistake. Prior to it, Shri Laxmikant Sharma, vice chairman of the Planning Commission of Madhya Pradesh Shri Babulal Jain, MLA Shri Shivnarayan Jagirdar, national president of NUJ (I) Shri Pragyanand Chaudhary, national secretary general Shri Ras Bihari, state president of the Union Shri Suresh Sharma, district president Shri Sudarshan Soni and other guests lighted the traditional lamp before the picture of goddess Saraswati to formally inaugurate the concluding session. Shri Babulal Jain said everybody knows the importance of journalism and journalists in a democracy. It was the journalist who basically exhorted the people for freedom during the freedom struggle. He said the country would make progress if all parts of the society discharge their duty efficiently. Shri Prajnanand Chaudhary drew the attention of the delegates to the growing commercial mentality among the newspapers establishments. He said the only objective of the management remains to generate more profit and they have no commitment to the public and the society. It is very dangerous situation for today’s journalism. We are trying our best to empower the mediapersons through the Unions, he said. Shri Suresh Sharma thanked the Public Relation & Culture Minister for extending cooperation in organizing the meeting. Speaking at the concluding session, Shri Ras Bihari said the two-day meeting discussed many vital issued related to the mediapersons and formulated strategy for the fight against those problems. Release of NUJ (I) souvenir Shri Laxmikant Sharma and other guests also released the souvenir published after the Biennial meeting of NUJ (I) in Gurgaon (Haryana). Shri Pragyanand Chaudhary and Shri Rambhuvan Singh Kushvah proposed a vote of thanks. The proceedings were conducted by Shri Shailendra Vyas. Dr Navin Joshi presented mementos to all the delegates.

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