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Prajnananda Chaudhuri
Prajnananda Chaudhuri

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Sheo Kumar Agarwal
Sheo Kumar Agarwal

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IFJ Killed Report 2018 - In the shadow of violence << पीछे जाइए

Dear NUJ(I) friends, 


I hope this email finds you well, 


As you may have seen, overnight the IFJ released its annual Killed List report for 2018 - In the shadow of violence. The report documents the cases of 95 journalists and media workers killed in 2018. Once again, the Asia Pacific topped the list as the deadliest region and Afghanistan was the deadliest country worldwide.


Key stats:

- 32 journalists & media workers killed in Asia Pacific region - 34% of global total

- 29 journalists & media workers killed in South Asia - 90% of AP total, 30.5% of global total

- 16 journalists & media workers killed in Afghanistan - 50% of AP total, 17% of global total 

- In AP region - 15 killed in target shootings or crossfire; 12 died as a result of being in the wrong place, when car bombs detonated or suicide bombers unleashed.  

- In Afghanistan -  On one single horrific day in April, nine journalists died in the capital, Kabul, in back-to-back suicide attacks

- In the Philippines, all 3 killings were radio broadcasters who were shot dead

- In the Philippines - 12 journalists have been killed under the current President, since June 2016, 11 of the 12 were killed before President Duterte reached his 2 year anniversary. 


The IFJ report, now in its 29th edition, remains a vital advocacy tool. In 2019, the IFJ will published the 30th edition, in the same year that the Philippines and the world, will mark the 10th anniversary of the Ampatuan Massacre, which remains the single deadliest attack on the media where 32 journalists were killed. 


I am writing to each of you to request your support in promoting and sharing the report to your members, networks and national media. 


Download the report:

IFJ press release:

Attached: IFJ promotional material for social media


If you have any questions please let us know, 

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